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It was a dark and stormy night. No, really. It was. And Adam and I had just come home from seeing a horror play called The Turn, which was basically a mashup story of Turn of the Screw and The Shining. It was a pretty awesome production, creepy and atmospheric with some genuine scares along the way. And the two ghosts that haunt the house, well, they were very memorable.

The previous evening had been a late and intoxicating one so even though the hour was only 10pm I decided to go to bed. I fell asleep to the sound of gentle rain and Captain Picard being very English beyond the closed bedroom door. My sleep was sound, if not a little restless with disturbing dreams, and at 12:30am Adam looms over the bed and shakes me awake.

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Back in 1988, when I was 10 years old, I had a pocketful of allowance money when I walked into the local pharmacy looking for a way to spend it. My go-to item was always the stuffed animals or their somewhat miserable supply of Barbies, but I hadn't saved up and therefore had to hunt for something a little closer to the $5 bill clutched in my fist. So I headed to the books and periodicals section. I was an avid reader, maybe they had a Baby-sitters Club book I didn't have? As I was looking around something colorful caught my attention. A small book the size of a paperback but shaped a little fatter, a little shorter. On the cover was a cartoon of a father and son having a discussion about homework. The father says, "Archie, how do you explain this low math grade?" and the son replies, "Well, dad! How about the batteries in my calculator went dead!" HA! I use a calculator too! I started to flip through the pages and was captivated by charm of the 1950's style of fashion. And the characters in the stories were all teenagers! They went on dates and drove cars and threw parties! The advertising throughout the book also appealed to me. Ads for Fruity Pebbles, M&M's, and Chips Ahoy. I like those things! I like all of those things! The price on the cover was only $2.25. I would still have money left to buy candy. SOLD.

Thus began my collection of Archie Digest Magazines. I would stay up past my bedtime reading by the illumination of a flashlight. But there was no fooling mom, she would walk past by bedroom and as I quickly tucked the light under the covers she would say, "Heather Marie! Lights out." Pretty soon I had a tall stack of Archie comics on the floor next to my bed. I would read them over and over again. Knowing each one cover to cover. I loved visiting Riverdale. It was a small, safe town that was always idyllic. The gang would get into zany mischief at Riverdale High and then go hang out after school at Pop's Soda Shop. Betty and Veronica always fought over Archie and Archie loved them both, in different ways, and could never make up his mind. Reggie loved Veronica and would always concoct villainous plans to steal her from Archie. And sometimes they worked. Moose, the big dumb lug, loved Midge. And Midge, despite his jealousy, loved Moose. Jughead loved food. A lot. And Ethel loved Jughead. A lot. But through the thick and thin of it, all of them were the best of friends. No matter what.

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There are two types of people in this world: the collector and the non-collector.

Being a collector doesn't just mean that you buy a lot of one thing. Having a lot of books doesn't mean that you collect books. Just like having a lot of shoes doesn't mean that you collect shoes. Being a collector is a characteristic of ones very nature. It informs who we are on a basic level, humming below the surface of our skin, quietly ticking in our brains, urging us, driving us, causing us to crave. Collectors make lists of what they have and what they need. They know the minutia of the items they collect, whether it be the difference between a mastered and an unmastered version of an album, a rereleased version of a toy, a second printing of a comic book, a director's cut of a movie, or the year and season of their designer shoes. A collector is informed. And a good collector is organized.

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