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About Me

My name is Heather Alexander and this is my blog.

I'm a native Michigander, an ex-New Yorker, a current Portlander, and a constant pain in the ass.

I am married to Prince Charming and we live in a little house that is the color of the stormy sea. I have three cats and he has three hundred Transformers and we are all living happily ever after.

I'm a writer, a decorator, a shop girl, a sentimentalist, a collector, a best friend, a night owl, and a warrior princess.

I watch an inordinate amount of horror movies and drink a lot of wine, and I love rainy days and dark, stormy nights.

Welcome to my life. Welcome to Dollface in the Dark.

Last Updated November 19, 2013

About This Site

This website was developed by Adam Alexander (Botch) and graphically designed by Adam and Heather (Dollface). The site was built to be a fully functioning weblog (including image gallery, links, recommendations, private calendar and notepad) and to require no web development skill to maintain. The prototype site is BotchTheCrab.com; this site was cloned and re-skinned over a weekend (with some minor added functionality).

Technologies Utilized:
DHTML (HTML, JavaScript, CSS), ASP, VBScript, SQL, Microsoft Access DB, Photoshop.

The following third-party components were implemented:

Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor by Kevin Roth

AspImage 2.0 - used to create thumbnails

ASPUpload - Uploading files (images)

Horror Movie Reviews

Movies in the Dark