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If you've ever been inside my home you know very well that my decorating tastes are extremely eclectic. My furniture ranges from family antiques to thrift store finds with some Pier 1 and even a few pieces from Ikea. The art that adorns my walls are from hundreds of different artists; many pieces are from local indie comic book artists, there's my fondness for pin-up art on display, my collection of vintage horror posters, a variety of strange masks and other random pieces scattered throughout. The statues and small figurines that live here tend to be of the animal kingdom, with an unintentional Buddha collection thrown in for good measure. There are tons of throw pillows, scarves, lamps, vases, decorative branches and flowers and feathers, throw rugs, pottery, books and candles. The list is quite endless but you get the idea. Though despite the myriad of things on display I manage to maintain an orderly appearing home, one that is clean and organized and miraculously, rarely cluttered. I have a flare for decorating and an impatience with sameness so my home remains my visual playground, ever changing and evolving.

I wish I had that passion when it comes to my clothes and shoes but I do not. Instead I wear a steady uniform of black and grey; tight pants and a sweater with knee high leather boots in the winter, tank tops and skirts or dresses with greek style sandals in the summer. I'm rarely fashion forward but never sloppy and I suppose if I had to describe my style it would be elegant-casual with a touch of street fighter.

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Posted 5.8.2012 2:41:33 PM

Every morning on my way to work I walk past a Nine West shoe store. The store front has huge display windows full of beautiful shoes that hypnotize women and make them drool involuntarily. Usually I can shake off that crazy dazed look pretty quick, I've gotten used to that affliction us financially challenged New Yorkers get when we see pretty pretty things that our pocket books just can't afford. First you see the pretty dress in the store front window of the expensive boutique and you're mesmerized by its beauty. Then you think of how wonderful it will look on you and how that dress, that's the dress that can actually improve your quality of life. Then reality hits and you realize you'd never be able to afford it. Then you make a mental list of all the clothing stores in New York that you can afford and you assure yourself that there's got to be a similar dress out there somewhere that doesn't have a pricetag that makes you feel uncomfortable, and you vow to look for it. Then you cross the street and something shiny catches your eye and the pretty pretty dress is forever forgotten. All of this takes place in a manner of seconds. So it is with great distress that when passing in front of Nine West this morning they had a new shoe display up which actually made me gasp. These shoes, these are the shoes that can improve my quality of life. They'll make me happy and everything will be okay as long as I'm wearing these shoes.

I'm going to post a few pictures but be warned that these shoes are so sexy they will encourage dirty dirty thoughts and you'll find yourself thinking things maybe you shouldn't because you're at work at someone will surely notice you getting all flushed ...

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Posted 8.24.2006 10:31:37 AM

Sequins are a weird thing. They're hard to make look good because no matter what you do, they're still just sequins, the stuff most dance costumes are made out of when you're six years old and putting on recitals at the local auditorium. I was in dance class when I was a little girl. I took it for about eight years. Being so multi-talented as I am, I was in not one, but three different kinds of dance classes, tap, ballet, and jazz. In the younger years of those dance recitals we had absurd costumes like Rainbow Brite, and little 'Indians'. There were other's I'm sure that I've most likely blocked out of my memory bank in an effort to preserve some form of pride in my childhood dance career. But what I do remember is that all of the costumes were made partly of sequins.

So the fact that I just bought a purse on my lunch hour today and that it is partly made of sequins is a little disconcerting. It was just there, hanging on the rack all alone, the only one left of its kind. It called to me, pulled me in with its sparkly yet worn appearance. I could tell it need to be loved, a special kind of love really, and the fact that it was on clearance for 50% off an already low low price was just the selling point I needed to go against everything my fashion sense screamed at me.

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Posted 1.30.2006 3:50:10 PM

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