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Now Boarding the Blog Bandwagon   —   Personal

In the winter months when the night falls early and my companion on my walk home from work is a shroud of darkness, I find myself walking the sidewalks at a snails pace, throwing glances through parted curtains and glowing rooms. I'm fascinated by the sliver of images I find, from house to house there are different worlds taking place from within. Coupled with my horrific and often amusing imagination these small glances into other people's lives afford me a great sense of entertainment and knowledge.

Similar things can be said about blogs. Snapshots and stories given freely to any passerby. Glimpses of intimate thoughts or experiences or unique outlooks. It seems all the rage these days and for good reason. Blogs have become a way to socialize and to place your impressions upon a great mass of the population. It allows a person to see how the other half lives, to broaden their views on life and humanity. It allows many people with similar interests to connect to one another, and sometimes even makes a huge impact on their lives.

So this is my parted curtain people, feel free to stroll slowly and steal a glance as to what's inside.

Posted 10.20.2005 1:57:40 AM

Your Daddy wrote:
I love it you have finally started to write so all can read. You are such a prolific scribe, keep it up sweetheart, I will look forward to reading your thoughts everyday.
Love Alway
Your greatest admirer
Posted 10/29/2005 8:43:31 AM
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