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The fears that feed us.   —   Macabre Mind

Do you ever come home to a completely dark apartment, you're alone, maybe slightly drunk, and when you step inside it occurs to you that someone could be hiding somewhere in the shadows? Do you check the shower, stab your hand into your closet through the rack of clothes straight to the wall, defiant against your fear of touching something warm and fleshy? Do you check under the bed and behind the chair that sits in the corner at an angle with room enough behind perfect for a compacted person? Do you walk through every room turning on all the lights until you can see the corners and cracks and Oh What's That(!) - a pile of laundry don't be alarmed...

Well, I do. And you should too. Because you never know. Anything could happen.

Posted 10.20.2005 11:06:29 PM

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