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Tortures of the slow and fast moving clock.   —   Personal

Much like every other working stiff in the world, my days in the office move far too slowly and my nights at home move far too quickly. When my social calendar is full this leaves me very little time to do the things at home that I most enjoy doing on the weekday nights, which now include updating this site. This week has been such a week. Every night I have been occupied with plans, from Movie Night with the ladies (in which I was extremely successful in getting very drunk), to seeing a friend play accordion in a very long play (complete with hangover!), to readying my home for a spooky Horror Movie event. The pace doesn't promise to slow itself until Sunday so don't even think about calling to make plans for then because I will laugh a deep hearty cackle and hang up on you. If I don't get more than 6 hours of sleep one day soon I think I might actually start lusting for brains and be forced to wear a Hello My Name is sticker which then displays the name: ZOMBIE.

Posted 10.28.2005 12:35:25 PM

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