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Sick in the head.   —   Frustration

Halloween this year was spent in bed. Sounds wonderfully kinky does it not? Imagine the tricks and treats and wonderful costumes that would present themselves on such a spooky night. I would love to smile devilishly and promise never to tell the events that took place, only providing the smallest of hints to feed your imagination, like, "licorice whip". But, as luck would have it I can do no such thing. The time spent in bed this Halloween was the sleeping kind, wrought with a stabbing headache that was so intense it was actually waking me up and influencing my dreams with images of hammers and spikes. I slept a restless sleep from 6PM until Noon the next day. Adorned the whole while with two faithful feline friends, no doubt warding off the evil spirits of All Hallows Eve.

The headache, turns out, was a precursor to a mild head cold which took its toll the very next day. And like a good wife I share what is mine and make it "ours", our doritos, our soap, our TV, our cats, our head cold. So on my sick day home from work, I had company. Hooray! The day was spent with minor moaning and groaning (again, not the kinky kind), lots of video games, and another viewing of The Sixth Sense. Mmmmm M Night.

Today is back to work which also means back to the daily frustrations that come with city living and corporate working. The "good morning sexy" comments on the street and the "so Bob, crazy weather we're having" discussions in the elevator, all which make days like today when I'm still slightly groggy from a cold, almost unbearable. The first "cat call" was received only two blocks from my apartment and at that moment I almost turned on my heel and went back home. Some days it's just too much and I crave the solitude of mountain living. Doing all of your shopping on-line and only going into town a couple times a week for a night out or a Sunday afternoon of lunch and a movie sounds almost ideal. Colorado sits over to the west, taunting me, mocking my New York lifestyle and chiding my decision to leave it behind once before.

Or maybe I just need another sick day at home with my husband, minus the sick part.

I need my own "City Limit" sign. It would say: Heather's City Limit, May 2001. But she's still here so we've eaten her soul. It was tasty.

Posted 11.2.2005 1:35:32 PM

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