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Cabernet and Vampires   —   Personal

I have a hangover today, complete with splitting headache, queasy stomach, and fatigue. But aside from the normal symptoms of a hangover, it's a different kind of hangover. It's the "I was drinking alone" kind of hangover and it's leaving a funny taste in my mouth.

Sure, I've gotten buzzed or even drunk while I've been by myself in the past. A few beers or cocktails while watching a movie is sometimes fun. A glass of wine while surfing the net or reading a book can be relaxing. But last night, I was a whole bottle of wine by myself drunk. I was playing chase with the cats in slippered feet and sliding around on the hard wood floors drunk. Actually, I do that while sober so never mind. But the point is, I woke up at 6:30 this morning and thought I'd just gone to sleep.

Now, to be fair I guess technically I didn't drink the whole bottle of wine. There was about a glass's worth left in the bottle and the only reason I didn't drink it is because the last episode of Angel had just finished as I finished my glass so I packed everything away and went to bed. That's right, I was drinking my bottle of wine while watching four episodes of Angel on DVD. That's how I party.

Today, while operating myself in hangover mode, I feel slightly guilty because I have such a hangover from drinking alone. Actually, it's more like I feel like I should feel guilty, but kinda don't because, well, it was a lot of fun.

Posted 11.29.2005 12:58:22 PM

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