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Moments   —   A New York Moment

You know you're in New York when:

The elevator doors open and packed inside are a dozen men and woman, as they all pour out into the lobby all you notice is a sea of black clothing.

You forget you're in New York when:

You give a woman 25 cents in the lobby deli because she comes up a quarter short when purchasing her Snapple. She thanks you profusely and insists on knowing your floor number so she can send up a thank you note and a quarter.

You remember you're in New York when:

The quarter lady is freaking you out with the amount of gratitude she's showing over your act of kindness, she's thanked you at least four times already, so you avoid her in the elevator and force yourself not to make eye contact when you can feel her staring at you and smiling.

Posted 12.1.2005 1:18:52 PM

Mr. Space wrote:
You know you're in New York when:

You're on a sweaty, foggy, humid subway platform and a homeless guy leans over the edge to spit on a rat scurrying on the tracks.


You're in a bar with big windows and no one seems to notice the three fire trucks and two ambulances parked across the street participating in some emergency.
Posted 12/2/2005 12:21:32 PM
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