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Winter wonderland   —   Personal

There's something impossibly unlikely about the first snow of the winter in New York. Something gracious, like mercy bestowed upon the suffering. Something magical, like the northern lights or a meteor shower. Growing up in Michigan it's a wonder that snow would ever feel something akin to being blessed. But after a long New York summer with the heat and the stink and the filth, a good long snow feels like a cleansing, a fresh start. Some years though it doesn't snow until January, making December seem impossibly long, with the cold weather and bitter wind and nothing to show for it.

This morning we woke up and as I looked outside I glanced a perfect white serene picture, still like a photograph, quiet like the sound was turned off. It had snowed. And it's only the 4th of December! Of course, it's almost all melted by now, but it made for a wonderful Sunday day, and a welcoming banner into the December holiday season.

Posted 12.4.2005 5:39:29 PM

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