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A very UPER Christmas   —   Holidays

This Christmas is the first in many years that I'll be spending with my mother. The last Christmas I remember with my mother was in 1998 (I think). She and her husband, Jim, drove down to Flint to see her father and to see me. Due to many different and unusual circumstances that year we were left without a residence to celebrate at, my father's place being off limits to my mother, her father's place being off limits to me, and so the Christmas that my mother and I spent together was done so in the back of her van. That may sound awful but if any a van were to look like an apartment bedroom it would have been my mother's. Gifts were exchanged, time was spent, it was lovely but odd. We were like fugitives on the run, making the best out of an unfortunate situation on Christmas day. I think afterward the three of us went to dinner and a movie but I can't say for sure. The years between 1996 and 1999 are a little squished together. So much happened in that time and everything changed.

In the years since I've spent Christmas's with many people, but never my mother. She's very far away, living in another country it seems, and not that it's a very good excuse but it's the reason why I rarely go to visit. The route to her house includes Three airplanes, The Bog of Eternal Stench, and a Yellow Brick Road. And even then there's the secret password to give to the troll who guards the bridge.

But this year I made a promise, come hell or high snow banks I'll be there this year. Fashionably sticking out like a sore thumb in my all black New York clothes, being spotted a mile away by the native UPERs as an outsider. What with my proper English and lack of ending all of my sentences with "eh?". Everything is a question in the U.P..

Christmas with my mother this year should be a blast and in my mind I imagine us cocooned inside her snow covered house baking Christmas cookies and watching old black and white movies while I poke and shake presents and giggle with child-like anticipation. I picture myself in foot-covered one piece pajamas with pigtails and my favorite quilt. Only in my mind I've replaced my favorite stuffed animal (Odie) with my favorite husband (Adam) and I imagine myself dragging him limply around the house by his foot. It is already my plan to go outside after dark and make a snowman, and to at some point start a snowball fight. All and all (assuming we don't get trapped by a snow storm in an airport somewhere in middle-earth) it should be a wonderful and magical Christmas in a little town called Ironwood.

Posted 12.6.2005 1:43:34 PM

Mom wrote:
This is your Mother,from the Land far away....I enjoyed your writings on our Christmas (Van Style) in the Mall parking lot...I remember it well. And tresure it with all the rest of the Christmas's since you were born. Its not about the Place...but about just being together and holding on to each other and sharing time and space together. To see your eyes twinkle under the Tree lights ...or to see your eyes twinkle under the parking lot lights..... they are all the same to a Mom.....Just Wonderful in my eyes....... and my heart is full of love no matter where we are at.I'm looking forward to this year at Christmas time, more than any other year in my life. P.S I need to tip the Troll under Mackinaw Bridge , with a big tip this year..... A Mother's best gift is flying back to the Land Far Away..... for a special visit . When you pass Go, collect $200.00 Love Mom
Posted 12/8/2005 3:06:50 PM
Dad wrote:
After reading your thoughts of Christmas to come, it takes me back in time to relive your presious memories all over again. How wonderful it was to see my little darlings racing throughout the house in pj's with footies and freshly washed hair braided in ponytails, shaking presents and begging to open "just one". I do hope you relive those merriest of times, along with your Mother and sister who I know misses you very much and will cherish evey last moment of your visit. Oh, and don't try to get Adam into those footies! Merry Christmas to all! Always Dad
Posted 12/16/2005 10:13:13 PM
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