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Familiar Aromas   —   Kid Stuff

Twinings Lapsang Souchong Tea smells and tastes like campfire.

As it's brewing its tea goodness in the hot water occupying my mug I can close my eyes, deeply inhale Lapsang Souchong's aroma, and instantly remember warm summer nights camping with my folks. The tea's aroma brings back the intense wood-smoked smell of the campfire, the popping of the logs and the crackling of the leaves. I can almost see the constellations in the black night sky, hear the deep chatterings of the night wildlife. I can see my parents and their friends sitting near the fire telling ridiculously fabricated stories and laughing around the amber glow of the firelight. I can hear my mother rustling inside the tent with a flashlight looking for her toothbrush while my sister slumbers in a nearby cot. I can hear Lake Michigan's gentle but constant crash and lap of its tide, feel the cool chill of the night air coiling itself around the camp. There may not be any such thing as a time machine, but with aromas like this, I may not need one.

Posted 12.9.2005 4:25:30 PM

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