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Happy Holidays   —   Holidays

Tomorrow I officially start my holiday vacation, though today I unofficially started my holiday vacation. This morning as I readied myself for work I checked the news as I do every morning to be sure aliens didn't invade earth while I slumbered, and much to my surprise, even worse than aliens, the MTA had gone on strike. That's like cutting off a New Yorker's legs and sticking them in the middle of the woods. We'll be dragging our bloodied torso around in dirt and twigs to get our morning coffee, you can be sure of it.

So with the car company in my neighborhood being inundated with calls from frantic commuters trying to get into Manhattan, and the City's contingency plans in full effect (minimum four people in a car to get into the city) Adam and I appeared to be up shit's creek without a paddle. We considered walking into work (about a two hour walk) but with the temperature being 22 degrees with a wind chill of 9, I certainly wasn't going to risk an pneumonia for my job. So, as Adam set up his computer to work from home, I was granted the day off and instead pretty much slept the day away. I've been incredibly ill with a head cold and secretly wanted to take a sick day anyways so it worked out rather well.

Tomorrow I've taken a vacation day anyways so I may spend the day packing and doing last minute preparations for our Michigan trip, and then on Thursday around 4:00AM we leave for the Snow Dimension.

I will most likely not speak to any of you before I go so please, have a wonderful holiday season, be safe, and above all else, have fun! I love you guys.


Posted 12.20.2005 8:41:26 PM

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