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Sequins are a weird thing. They're hard to make look good because no matter what you do, they're still just sequins, the stuff most dance costumes are made out of when you're six years old and putting on recitals at the local auditorium. I was in dance class when I was a little girl. I took it for about eight years. Being so multi-talented as I am, I was in not one, but three different kinds of dance classes, tap, ballet, and jazz. In the younger years of those dance recitals we had absurd costumes like Rainbow Brite, and little 'Indians'. There were other's I'm sure that I've most likely blocked out of my memory bank in an effort to preserve some form of pride in my childhood dance career. But what I do remember is that all of the costumes were made partly of sequins.

So the fact that I just bought a purse on my lunch hour today and that it is partly made of sequins is a little disconcerting. It was just there, hanging on the rack all alone, the only one left of its kind. It called to me, pulled me in with its sparkly yet worn appearance. I could tell it need to be loved, a special kind of love really, and the fact that it was on clearance for 50% off an already low low price was just the selling point I needed to go against everything my fashion sense screamed at me.

Given that it's 60 f'ing degrees out today I left my coat and bag at work while I strolled the Manhattan streets near my building on my lunch hour. So when I purchased the sequined purse I asked the sales clerk not to bag it, that I wished to carry it out of the store, proud and bedazzled. As I walked down the street, purse on shoulder, I caught glimpses of its sparkle in storefront windows and its shine danced before my feet on the sidewalk like some kind of music video. I felt like people were staring at me, or rather, staring at the purse. And maybe they were, it's hard to tell in New York whether people actually give a shit or if you're just being paranoid. Either way, when I caught glimpses of myself in those storefront windows, I could've sworn that my reflection was six years old again.

Posted 1.30.2006 3:50:10 PM

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