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Something about nothing.   —   Personal

Tonight, I blog from bed. Ain't life grand. Adam is in the living room playing the Transformer's video game we bought on Saturday. It's a welcome relief from Burnout 3: Takedown because all I hear when he plays that game is his mighty force slamming down into the couch pillows followed by "GOD DAMMIT!", a welcome relief indeed. My latest rental from Gamefly is a game called Drakan: The Ancients Gates. It's like playing Lara Croft in the land of Baldur's Gate but keeping with the Tomb Raider style graphics. It's sweeeeet. I get to fly a dragon and everything. So if I'm ever in a jam I've now got mad skillz. That's right.

Last night as the Circle of Power gathered in Manhattan to watch another one of America's obsessions, I lay on the couch in Brooklyn with a tummy ache and a Tsunami and watched Scream 2 and Scream 3 from my newly purchased Scream Trilogy dvd set. It was awesome. Sidney totally kicked some crazy slasher ass and lots of teenagers died bloody awful deaths. You can't ask for a better evening, really. I even got around to coloring my hair Rich Mahogany, just because I can.

Tonight will be spent sitting here in bed with my devoted feline companions and my awesomely awesome laptop. I'll probably watch the first episode of Dead Like Me, another recent purchase (thank you barnesandnoble.com sale!), and then I'll most likely move on to the King/Straub book I'm currently engrossed in, The Talisman. Adam will be spending the evening playing his Transformers video game and then moving on to Kong vs. Mecha-Kong in King Kong Escapes. As you can see we live terribly complicated lives, trapped within our childhood selves with no hope of escape. No need to cry for me, I'm crying for us all right now.

Posted 2.6.2006 8:40:20 PM

Dad wrote:
Remember "Tanks" of many many lifes ago.
Love Me
Posted 2/9/2006 6:41:54 PM
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