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Silly Rabbit   —   Personal

I've been meaning to blog every day now for the past two weeks. Honest. But shit happens and sometimes blog sites must suffer in the name of little thing called, life. And of course, laziness.

A friend of mine recently became a daddy for the first time ever. He and his wife are home now with their little bundle of joyous shits-spits-screams, and those of us gladly without children thank them for keeping the human race populated so I DON'T HAVE TO. So, points to you two and your successful fertilization.

In other news my husband is recently suffering from a bout of bad back pains. He spent two days propped up on the couch with ice then heat then ice, practically immobile except for his gaming hands which utilized their mad skillz in Pac-Man World 3. Good thing I'm such a thoughtful wife and bought it for him as a random gift last Friday, two days before his back pain and my stint as a nurse maid which included the difficult tasks of making Spaghetti O's.

Speaking of which, one of my favorite moments in the past week was on Monday afternoon. Adam and I both had the day off because it was a holiday, convenient considering Adam could barely move, I had just handed him a hot bowl of Spaghetti O's and as he took the first bite his face lit up with the remembered taste of childhood. As he's chomping away at the Spaghetti O's I take a look around and what I see is this: Adam is wearing his new Bizzaro Superman T-shirt and still in his pajama pants, he's watching Tom and Jerry cartoons on DVD, the Pac-Man World 3 game guide is sitting next to him along with the PS2 controller, on the side table next to him sits a juice box and a stack of cookies, he's eating a bowl of Spaghetti O's, and despite being in a load of pain, he's got a goofy grin on his face. At that moment I couldn't have been happier to have that 30 year old man as my husband. Because the last thing I see when I turn over at night and go to sleep, is my She-Ra: Princess of Power, Crystal Castle.

Who needs kids, when you can be one?

Posted 2.22.2006 3:08:53 PM

Julia wrote:
amen to that, sistah!

my kinda guy!
Posted 4/3/2007 5:46:09 PM
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