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Who can you trust?   —   Personal

My dollar bill apparently trusts in God. I asked my dollar bill, why do you trust in God? And my dollar bill said, "I don't know, I just do". I asked my dollar bill, didn't he think it was silly to put such an assuming statement on his backside? And my dollar bill said, "It's not silly, it's patriotic". I asked my dollar bill, with the more contemporary liberal spiritual beliefs and the separation of church and state, shouldn't we maybe remove our God from our money? My dollar bill didn't think it would fly. I told my dollar bill that I find it irritating carrying around the name of everyone else's "higher power" in my back pocket. I'd much rather have Santa's name on my money. "Santa's on my side". Yeah, I like that. My dollar bill didn't think that was funny, he told me that I was in league with Satan and that I would burn in the fires of hell for all eternity. So I flushed him down the toilet. Little bastard had it coming.

Posted 3.1.2006 5:06:28 PM

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