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Girls just wanna raid tombs.   —   Video Games

It can be said that I love to raid tombs. The dangerous adventures that inevitably come with such a job, the dangling off of ledges, the climbing of stone walls, the avoiding of traps, the solving of puzzles, and the killing of beasts, are just a few examples of the things we must do, in the name of tomb raiding. Lara Croft has been my alter ego for almost seven years now. I have taken her all around the world, from the rooftops in Paris, to the snowy bluffs of the Himalayas. We've been to Egypt, and died in Egypt. We've been warmed by the sun in the South American rainforests, and nearly frozen to death on the icecaps of the Antarctic. We've stalked and killed dinosaurs that have roamed hidden ruins of China. We've swam in a pond full of piranha and lived to tell the tale. We've been through it all and back again and I hold no grudge for the many deaths she's put me through, carelessly walking off of ledges, thoughtlessly being mauled by bears and tigers and doberman pinchers, and plummeting to her death countless times after continuously miscalculating jumps. She, in turn, holds no grudge against me for all of the names I've hurtfully called her, dirty whore, fucking cunt, british slut-bag, god dammed bitch. Through it all we remain close friends, supplying the other with very specific needs, I with her life, she with my countless hours rapt with adventure.

Over the years the quality of the worlds in which Lara lives has improved somewhat, offering a better quality visually, smoother movement, and a wider variety of maneuvers and equipment. For a time there was a steady incline with these improvements, and for a while it looked as though the franchise was going to prove to be one of the better games out there. It certainly had the fan base and the Lara Croft craze was intense among the male audience. The franchise however took a serious nosedive when after five installations, it seemed to be at a standstill both with quality, and creativity.

After a three year hiatus spanning from 2000 to 2003, Core Design, the developers of Tomb Raider, finally came out with the long awaited sixth installation of the series, Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, the first of the Tomb Raider games to come out on Playstation 2. I suppose the signs of it's failure where clear from the beginning. Not only was it clear that many fans, and gamers in general, no longer gave two shits about the Tomb Raider games, but the game's release date was delayed about five times over the course of five months, and the new Tomb Raider movie starring Angelina Jolie was absolutely horrid. But for die hard fans, such as myself, the postponed dates were merely a frustration, the movie with Angelina Jolie was, no matter how bad, a Tomb Raider/Angelina Jolie fan's dream come true. And when the game was finally released, complete with over a dozen bugs, its simple existence was somehow still sweet, no matter how bad the game proved to be, and it was still played with great exuberance not only once, but twice.

So you can imagine that the announcement of Tomb Raider's seventh game, Tomb Raider: Legend, has filled me with a shivering anticipation that makes my head hum whenever I notice how much closer April 11th, it's release date, is getting. You may ask me why I remain so excited for a game that has basically taken a giant dump on what the Tomb Raider franchise was, and could have been. And I will tell you that it is because the hope of this series was restored shortly after the sixth Tomb Raider game was released. Tomb Raider's original developers, Core Design, lost the Tomb Raider gig after eight long years. Its publisher, Eidos, gave the gig to a new developer, Crystal Dynamics, instead. It is with this fresh new take that the future of Tomb Raider looks somewhat promising. A recent hands-on review by the folks over at gamespot.com further this hope by stating that, among other things, "Tomb Raider: Legend looks almost certain to be Miss Croft's finest hour". And with that, I say, Hooray!

Posted 3.8.2006 11:20:20 AM

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How does your husband feel about living with two women? Oh wait never mind I think I can guess
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