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The water in between us.   —   Cats!

Commodore turned seven years old last Friday and in celebration I bought him a betta fish! The idea was that he was supposed to be amazed and mystified by this tiny creature and many hours were to be spent with his eyes wide and ears perked, looking, poking, sniffing at the fish tank. Come to find out, Commodore didn't much care for Swimy, in fact, when he first set eyes upon the tank he regarded it only briefly and then, turning his tail up at it, proceeded to step on the keys of my laptop causing unknown device failures in an effort to steal my computer chair away from me, again. The true lover of our little finned friend is the ever-curious Tsunami. Who can and does find even his reflection in the hardwood floors to be a wonderful playmate. Tsunami and Swimy were instantly smitten and have spent hours staring at one another through the thick plastic walls of the fish tank. Welcome Swimy. Here's to hoping you don't die before your time.

Posted 3.14.2006 12:36:53 PM

Organgrinder wrote:
So he has a name!?!?!? Thank goodness its truely difficult for a fish to develop a good self-concept without a name. HA HA How long until Tsuts starts trying to find his reflection in the spilt water on the hardwood floors.
Posted 3/16/2006 12:38:40 PM
Frances wrote:
I like your blog's look and writing; I found you on nycbloggers.com.
Many happy returns to Commodore.
My own blog is at:
Take care
Posted 3/17/2006 6:32:23 PM
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