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A little bit of crazy goes a long ways.   —   Health

This last week has been a challenging one. It was the first trial run of the new medication I'm on and since it takes a month or two for it to fully take effect, I was kind of back in the dungeon with my former self. I call it medication because it works as such, but the truth of it is it's an herbal supplement. I have a bit of a hormonal imbalance every two weeks out of the month and I take an herb called Chaste Tree to balance my hormones. I say that I have a bit of a hormonal imbalance but what I really mean is that I'm severely fucked up for practically 2/3rds of every month. Ask my parents, my husband, anyone who knew my wrath before I discovered FemRelieve. Life gets very dark for me in that time, I get mean, tired, and worst of all, I could care less. About anything. Personally I think of it as a disorder, worse than PMS, it's like PMS at the IMAX. Bigger than life, so big in fact it swallows you whole and you find yourself in the belly of the beast. About two years ago I discovered an herbal supplement called FemRelieve. It promised to banish that beast and Adam immediately bought 3 bottles of it before I could even give it a try. I started taking it and within weeks I felt like a new person. Like someone who had just woken up and walked outside into the bright sun and blue sky. It was a miracle, for me and for Adam at least. Our little miracle.

About a month ago I discovered FemRelieve went out of business. For two years this little herbal pill that smells like a spice rack has been my saving grace. I was devastated that they were no longer going to be there for me, to help me, how dare them! But after a few days of mourning I realized that there must be more herbal supplements out there just like FemRelieve and went about a search for Chaste Tree (Vitex), the active ingredient in FemRelieve for mood swings. It was then I found Oona. Looking promising I bought a two month supply and began taking them a few weeks ago. It says it takes one to three cycles to work, and if you start taking it mid-cycle, which I did, it may not work in the first cycle, which it didn't, hasn't, isn't. For the first time in two years I'm reminded of what my life was like before FemRelieve, and I have to tell you, it's really fucking depressing. But, I remain hopeful that this new little pill will work as good as or maybe even better than FemRelieve. And in the meantime someone should make it illegal for these companies to go out of business. Their clients are dangerous women and someone could really get hurt.

Posted 5.10.2006 12:17:40 PM

Organgrinder wrote:
I've been considering writing a petition to put it in the water supply. We could all use a little regulation. As for right now I know of a REALLY nice place for you to stay where you can't hurt anyone and the padding is really soft.
Posted 5/11/2006 9:40:40 AM
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