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A clean closet, a clean mind.   —   Personal

In what is perhaps a much-too-early preparation step toward moving, I have begun to wade through the massive collection that is my belongings. The idea is to downsize the quantity of which I own, to get rid of the things I can live without, and to reconsider ownership on items that have become the wallflowers of certain collections. I'm in a good frame of mind to do this task so the results are satisfyingly plentiful. Books, movies, and CD's will be sold at establishments that buy such used things, and the rest will be sold in a massive "Sidewalk Sale" some Sunday this summer. I don't expect to make much money off of these unwanted items, but since there is so much of it I might as well try to give it all good homes instead of adding to the landfills. Whatever money is made will of course be put toward our cross-country move.

My anticipation for Portland is growing more each day. I know that at least a portion of that anticipation is the desperation to be out of New York, which is unfortunate and confusing at times but all together unavoidable. This move has been a long time coming people. A.Very.Long.Time indeed. In my head I'm trying to enjoy every facet of my life here while it's left. Trying to look at the negative things like the filth, the crushing crowds, the constant smell of urine, and the disgusting ogling men, as novel experiences, ones that I will someday look back on with fondness as they are all tied in to living in NY, and despite the fact that I'm at the very end of my fucking rope here, these past seven years have been wonderful and fulfilling. I'm finding it rather challenging to look at things in such a manner and often times I fail, at least for now. This next year seems impossibly long and I'm really racking my brain for ways to make it less hard, more enriching, and a little quicker. Maybe I'll take up meditation.

Posted 6.21.2006 12:52:46 PM

Dad wrote:
There is always something to be said for "greener pastures", but remember to see the forest from the trees.
Posted 6/22/2006 8:16:56 AM
Botch wrote:
It occurs to me... when you move, we're going to have to redesign your blog... maybe even rename it. :o
Posted 6/23/2006 5:11:36 PM
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