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Sky Fire   —   Holidays

I've never really grasped the excitement of the Fourth of July. Fireworks have never really captured my fancy nor has the patriotic sentiment that goes with the holiday. Sure, BBQ's are fun, if someone else is hosting, and okay, if I'm drunk fireworks can be exciting for about five minutes. And of course the day off work ain't all that bad either. But otherwise, it's just another day where assholes are given an excuse to blow shit up.

One street over from my apartment such assholes do dwell. Every year on July 4th they do their own celebrating with building shaking results. Massive explosions fly toward the air and burst into fiery sparks of color and light. These same fiery sparks rain down atop the Tool & Dye factory next door to my building and every year I run through my head again what to do in case my apartment catches on fire.

Adam and I were watching a movie last night and every time these fuckers let off a firework we had to pause the movie. I couldn't stop flinching at the loud bang and there was more than one of them that actually vibrated the couch. The cats were in hiding until 4:00AM, even though the last firework was let off a little after 1:00AM. To say they were terrified would be an understatement. Tsunami, who comes when I call him even if our apartment is 20 people deep in party mode, ignored my call for dinner time and even as I sought him out in the closet he coward away from my hand through the parted clothes. Adam dialed 911 to report the dickheads and as he was on the phone with the operator they asked, "Have you personally witnessed the fireworks being set off?" and just then a huge BANG! exploded through the apartment and the operator said, "ah, never mind". At one point after a firework was let off and I nearly choked on my saliva from the jolt of sound I went to the window and bellowed, "You fucking cocksuckers!", to little effect.

Yesterday was a surprisingly nasty mood day for me, forgetting to take my happy pills Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I started to feel the Beast rising to the surface come Monday. By yesterday I was in yelling at strangers mode and even created a little scene at the grocery store when Adam and I went out to run errands. The couple in line in front of us had a shopping basket full of cat food cans and other small items, which they hadn't removed from the basket, instead just setting the basket on the counter for the cashier to unload. Meanwhile, our items are stacked neatly behind the basket, the white divider stick marking clear territory lines between the two. The cashier sees the full basket and asks the man if he can please unload the items from the basket, onto the counter. The man then picks up the basket and aggressively dumps it upside down, sending cat food cans and the rest of his shit, flying into my section of food and onto the floor. Horrified by this careless act I angrily start picking out his crap from my crap and tossing them into his chaotic pile in front. I say, "What the fuck? There's no reason to be an asshole!", he says, "I'm a what?", I say, "You're an asshole. The man asked you nicely to empty your basket and you throw your shit everywhere, intruding on my space and creating more work for the cashier." And as if like an animal sensing danger he spoke no further and instead started stacking his cat food cans neatly on top of each other. His girlfriend was silent. I, was fired up and ready to kick some shins. I had to settle for quiet victory instead.

Posted 7.5.2006 11:46:56 AM

Bastid wrote:
Wow! You're watching Dog Soldiers? I thought I was the only one who saw that flick. I dug the shit out of that movie, but I think I may be the only one.

Very predicable, but fun nevertheless.
Posted 7/5/2006 12:03:58 PM
Doll wrote:
Dog Soldiers was a part of the massive Horror Movie List that Chris Carroll and I are rapidly tearing through. I loved the movie and recently found it used at our local rental store. Watched it again over the weekend. I still find the werewolve costumes terrifying.
Posted 7/5/2006 12:25:55 PM
Dad wrote:
Indian blood, it's a dangerous thing don't you know.
Posted 7/7/2006 9:17:52 AM
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