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A little Chihuahua named Carlos.   —   Music

Tom Waits. His name alone brings forth an avalanche of imagery, (rain, highways, dirty streets, smoky bars, pianos, sad women, booze, cigarettes, strange amusement parks, and the list goes on), and his music brings me closer to the truest parts of myself.

I started listening to Tom Waits around the same time I started reading Charles Bukowski, about 15 years old. Tom has of course outlasted Charles, not only in their lives but in mine as well. Tom has been with me through broken hearts, cross-country travels, self realizations, and plenty of rainy days. He's my comfort music when I'm feeling quiet and withdrawn, a familiar and welcomed voice, an old friend. Some folks think (my husband included) that Tom's music tends to be a little repetitive from album to album. They can't tell the difference, it all sounds the same to them. I agree that Tom Waits definitely has a particular sound. Not many of his albums stray from the core of what he does and that's part of what makes him, in some form, a character. He is of course a musician, an artist, but he is also an image, a style, a chilly rainy overcast autumn afternoon. He is the storyteller and the star. His albums are just variations of all of that. But if you want to go to the heart of Tom, where it all started, you have to go back. Go back to The Heart of a Saturday Night and listen to a legend being born. He's raw, he's young, and he's brilliant. Roll yourself a cigarette, pour yourself some hot tea, and curl up next to the window on a quiet rainy day and put in this album. If you don't discover a few new things about yourself after that then let's face it folks, you're dead inside already, and may you rest in peace.

Posted 7.6.2006 12:57:24 PM

Dad wrote:
He's a cool guy, but a little Stevie Ray Vaughn, a Jack on the rocks and I prefer to twist my cigs thank you, will make for some quiet times on rainy days. Of course my darling, you already know that.
Posted 7/7/2006 9:13:06 AM
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