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Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer   —   Personal

I'm not a big fan of the air conditioner. In fact at home the standard practice is to open the windows wide and strategically place fans all throughout the apartment. We get a good breeze in our place and despite the fact that our apartment is always being cooked by the sun, it generally stays at a livable temperature. Of course, livable for Adam and I. Most people like things a bit cooler than we do. I like being hot and wearing little clothing. It works for me. I'm a tropical girl at heart. But because our cats do not have the option of shedding their fur coats, they tend to not like it when it's above 80 degrees. For this reason we installed our air conditioner a few days ago. It looks like just in time too, today is supposed to be 97 degrees, a temperature that would promise to kill them both if not for the frigid fake air now being pumped into my living room. Yay electric bill!

Yesterday my girlfriend and I went to Orchard Beach in the Bronx. I rarely make it to the beach anymore, living in New York without a car makes beach trips a pain in the ass. Lots of long commutes with a cooler and a heavy beach tote is not my idea of a relaxing day in the sun, so I don't even bother and in result my complexion remains a lovely shade of pasty. But thank god for friends with vehicles because yesterday was a good day for beach bumming. We arrived a little after 1:00pm and set our towels near the water, slathered ourselves with SPF, and settled in for a few hours of bake time. 15 minutes later we were taking turns going into the water in order to cool ourselves, a method that worked so well that every 30 minutes we'd take a quick dip so that we wouldn't completely overheat. I think it was 92 degrees yesterday with very little wind. The rest of the time we just lay in the sun, trying hard for a tan in a few hours time, and making note of all the morbidly obese people in bathing suits. Seriously America, put down the fork. I was absolutely stunned by the individuals surrounding us. I'm no fucking supermodel but I'll be damned if I didn't feel like the hottest piece of ass around. People all around us were shoveling cheese covered french fries and burgers into their mouths, all the while cozily stirring within their own mounds of flesh. I don't mean to be cruel and it's certainly not my life so who am I to say, blah blah blah, but when I see young people, babies, kids, teenagers, young adults, and they're grossly overweight, it makes me angry. Angry at their parents, angry at the food industry, angry at the ignorance of these people and their utter lack of self control. I guess a person can spread the blame around pretty liberally when it comes to the social economics of America's obesity problem but in the end what it really comes down to is the individual and the decisions that they make.

I rented a few movies over the weekend, none of which I was able to watch until last night. The first was The Weather Man with Nicholas Cage. Do yourself a favor and watch Broken Flowers instead. Or even Lost in Translation or About Schmidt. All are pretty much the same movie but the last three are examples of a good script and great performances. The Weather Man is just the opposite. The second movie I watched was a Tobe Hooper film called Mortuary. It was toted as Tobe's first zombie flick and was met with much anticipation among his fans. Tobe Hooper is the guy who did Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a wonderful B horror movie with innovative cinematography and genuinely scary, especially for its time. Tobe Hooper went on to direct many other movies, most notably Poltergeist and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Both of which I am not a fan. The Mortuary, unfortunately, landed itself in the "sucky" pile of Tobe's work, a pile that is much larger than the "non sucky" pile, and makes me wonder why I remain a fan of Mr. Hooper, eagerly consuming any new movie he produces. I guess Texas Chainsaw Massacre and a movie called Toolbox Murders, were good enough for Hooper to carry his weight with me.

This Friday is the new M. Night Shyamalan movie and I have to say, I'm practically bubbling over with excitement and anticipation. I am quite a big fan of M. Night Shyamalan and every time I watch Signs and The Village I become convinced that even when he takes a dump he must shit gold because he's just that good. I know my opinion about Mr. Shyamalan is not unique and I also know that it is sometimes not shared, but the fact remains that I hold this man in some kind of movie-making-god light and my expectations for his continuing brilliance will ultimately be my downfall. I will, however, continue to be open minded and accepting so I am not grossly disappointed with each new film. A method that has seemed to work well so far. I went into both Signs and The Village with no expectation whatsoever and in result left the theater in tears of joy. Yes people, I'm that fucking lame. M. Night Shyamalan's new movie, Lady in the Water, is somewhat shrouded in the mystery for which the director is famous. A characteristic that makes all M. Night movies, absolutely delicious.

This Saturday is a going away party for a very dear friend. This friend is moving to Japan on business and leaving his family of friends, friends he's had since high school, behind. It's a major upheaval in the Circle of Power and I for one will be very sad to see him go. Life these days is sending many of us in different directions and soon another good friend of mine will be moving to California. I wish that no matter where any of us lived we could always remain close but I know that it's easier said than done. As it is now we all don't find the time to see each other as often as we once did, throw a few thousand miles between us and the future for friends remaining close does not look so promising. I guess some of you will have to take up blogging.

Posted 7.17.2006 11:33:28 AM

Dad wrote:
Sisterhood of the traveling pants. Not a bad view.
Posted 7/17/2006 9:41:30 PM
Doll wrote:
You know, that movie, Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, got really good reviews and I was pretty hopeful about it because Alexis Bledel is in it and we all know how I feel about the Gilmore Girls. Well, I rented it and have to say, I pretty much hated that movie. Not sure why, I just thought it was awful. Glad you liked it though! :)
Posted 7/18/2006 3:04:02 PM
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