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Hello My Name Is   —   The Social Experience

My ten year high school reunion is happening this September. I'd always thought I'd attend my ten year, like, totally for sure, but now I'm giving it some second thought. For one thing there's the cost of air fare. I haven't exactly looked into pricing just yet but quite frankly anything over FREE is just too much right now. But on the other hand, aside from the reunion, it would be a great opportunity to see my father, albeit briefly, and to take a nice nostalgic cruise through town.

I wasn't one of those girls who had a lot of friends in high school. I was more the girl who all the girls whispered about and all the boys flirted with. I never dated anyone in my high school, the first two years I was terrified of boys because I knew what they wanted and I sure the hell wasn't ready for all that. And then the last two years I had an older boyfriend who was already out of school and living the rock star life. All in all that only left me with a handful of girlfriends. The interesting part of it all though is that most of the people in my graduating class I'd known since kindergarten. We'd all attended the same grade school and middle school and then high school. So I knew them, and they knew me, and we all most certainly had a past together, but since I wasn't on any team or in any club and didn't attend games, I was definitely on the outside looking in. Which in all fairness was the way I preferred it. It sounds pretty awful but the truth of the matter is, I felt much too cool and mature for most of their high school drama bullshit. But, I made very few enemies and had a host of casual acquaintances so high school life was something I neither hated nor loved. It was just there and rather dull and the simple fact that I was forced to attend made me very anxious to leave.

About five years ago I was home for Xmas and ran into a few folks I'd gone to school with. We'd never really hung out before but seeing as we were all at a bar and drinks were being bought and stories were being swapped, it was like all that time in the past we'd all been the best of friends. I'd found out a few things about some folks, who was married, who had kids, who'd gotten out, and most of the news depressed me. Many of the people who I would of thought had promising futures were still there, married, kids, bored. I don't have the best history with academics, I was too wrapped up in my own little life to bother with homework and even sometimes, attendance. So the fact that I've done well for myself, that I've had the last 10 years that I've had, is something for which I'm extremely proud. So maybe there's something to be said about going to the reunion and seeing what's what. It's being held at the country club, and there's a pool there, and if nothing else, I love to swim.

Posted 7.18.2006 10:33:09 AM

Dad wrote:
I have a convertible car now, so we could cruise in style. OH yeah, I remember your attendance, I'm glad we got thru that!
Posted 7/18/2006 9:16:54 PM
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