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I discovered http://www.librarything.com/ this morning. I've been dreaming of something like this for a very long time. The goal was to do something like this as a part of my website but Botch has been sitting on my request for months. The next best thing I suppose is this: http://www.librarything.com/catalog.php?view=Dollface

I will eventually update them all with reviews and going forward I will be sure to mention when reviews of recently read books are posted. Now if they only had something like this for movies...

Posted 7.31.2006 1:15:52 PM

Mr. Space wrote:
Careful with your high ratings of Star Trek novels. With a name like Dollface, you're going to inundated with "new friends".
Posted 8/8/2006 12:35:29 AM
Doll wrote:
I've never had a problem with telling people to fuck off. Bring it on.
Posted 8/8/2006 9:47:45 AM
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