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Lions and Tigers Oh My!   —   Personal

Last night's thunder storm actually frightened me, which is impressive given that I really love thunder and lightening and get giddy whenever a storm is ah comin. But as I was making myself dinner last night the sky turned yellow and then an evil dark gray and lightening started cracking all around my apartment setting off car alarms. I poked my head out the window to increase my chance of being struck by lightning and saw the sky light up with electricity. The lightening wasn't just a pop here and a pop there, no, it was more like here a pop there a pop everywhere a pop pop. It sounded like when you twist bubble wrap in your hand. I considered following the cats suite and hiding in the closet but instead I poured myself another glass of wine and watched an episode of Buffy in the dark.

Tomorrow night is the big Last Waltz gig at Tonic so come one come all and bring your drinking money. The featured bands are, The Three Drink Minimum, The Monster Project, The Invincible Doctor Psyclops Invasion, and Supermodel Truckstop. All of which feature my very handsome husband. It should be a rather interesting event with great music and an eclectic crowd so if you're in the New York City area, come on down. I'll be the coy mysterious girl with a cocktail in her hand and a chip on her shoulder. You should totally come and we'll totally hang out. BFF!

I saw the movie The Descent last weekend. I was going to post a review but in retrospect the movie didn't make all too big of an impression on me so it just kind of faded away. The Descent was good enough not to be bad, the script was fine, the acting fine, the plot filled with holes but forgivable enough. It's just one of those movies that is forgettable a week later and a year later when you see it in Blockbuster you remember, oh yeah I saw that, it was cool. The movie was from the same guy who did Dog Soldiers, a movie of which I am a big fan, so the fact that his current film didn't pack the same punch is mildly disappointing.

Yesterday I made travel arrangements to go to Michigan in September for a whole week of R&R. I'd forgotten about a Midwest Air complimentary roundtrip ticket I had that expires in December, and since Midwest Air really only flys to the Midwest, using the ticket for a trip home was a no brainer. So I'll be spending four days camping with the mum, then head south to spend four days drinking and fishing with the pops. It should a gay ol time and I hope to wash some of this New York grime off my mind and soul while I'm there. Plenty of pictures will be posted when I return. And if you're a nice little boy or girl I'll bring you back a souvenir from Castle Rock or moccasins from Totem Village.

See you all tomorrow! Right? Right! right...

Posted 8.11.2006 11:28:16 AM

Dad wrote:
Your ol pop's can hardly wait. I' m stocking up on the Jack and the Goose right now, oh yeah and some papers don't you know. I will also make arrangements with the fish so we can rip some lips while you are here. Not a minute to spare, so hurry home my sweet!
Posted 8/12/2006 7:18:09 AM
Mr. Space wrote:
Castle Rock is one of those terror targets in Michigan, I bet.
Posted 8/14/2006 12:10:32 AM
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