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Money Makes the World Fall Down   —   Personal

The time has almost come in which are good friend Chris, Adam's music partner and my Horror Movie Night partner, will be moving to San Diego, which of course in German means a whale's vagina*. Chris and I were talking last night about the impending move and he shared with me the cost of hiring a moving company to transport and deliver his belongings, of which there is little of, from New York to California. My god ...

Money makes the world go around,
the world go around, the world go around,
Money makes the world go around,
it makes the world go round. *

I was thinking then that the cost of a full apartment's worth of stuff would be about triple, if not more so, than the cost of what our friend is paying, considering he only has about one room's worth of boxes and furniture, and we have about three.

A mark, a yen, a buck or a pound,
a buck or a pound, a buck or a pound,
Is all that makes the world go around,
that clinking clanking sound,
Can make the world go round. *

If the cost of moving is what I think it might be, which is probably worse case scenario, then it will cut our savings in half. That's just ... really depressing.

If you happen to be rich, and you feel like a night's entertainment,
You can pay for a gay escapade.
If you happen to be rich, and alone and you need a companion,
You can ring ting-a-ling for the maid.
If you happen to be rich and you find you are left by your lover,
Tho you moan and you groan quite a lot,
You can take it on the chin,
call a cab and begin to recover on your fourteen carat yacht. *

So I was thinking, what can we do to earn some extra cash? Getting part time jobs on top of our full time jobs would be highly undesirable and maybe even not worth the energy depending on what shitty hourly wage we'd make.

Money makes the world go around,
the world go around, the world go around,
Money makes the world go around,
of that we both are sure.
(Raspberry) On being poor. *

Selling the occasional box of books or pile of CD's is always nice for a few extra bucks but we're talking the need for some extra steady cash flow. What then? I did a search on Craiglist for part time jobs in Williamsburg and Greenpoint but all the part time that came up was for weekday afternoon stuff.

When you haven't any coal in the stove and you freeze in the winter
And you curse to the wind at your fate.
When you haven't any shoes on your feet and your coat's thin as paper
And you look thirty pounds underweight,
When you go to get a word of advice from the fat little pastor,
he will tell you to love evermore.
But when hunger comes to rap, rat-a-tat, rat-a-tat, at the window
See how love flies out the door. *

I wonder if I auctioned some of my collage work on ebay if it would sell? I'd have to frame them to make them look super pretty so whatever I'd charge for them would have to cover the cost of the frame and still be profitable, but it still may be worth a shot.

For money makes the world go around, the world go around,
the world go around.
Money makes the world go around,
the clinking, clanking sound
of Money, money, money, money,
Money, money, money, money,
Get a little, get a little,
Money, money, money, money,
Mark, a yen, a buck or a pound,
That clinking, clanking clunking sound
is all that makes the world go round,
It makes the world go round. *

Anyone have any other ideas?

Posted 8.17.2006 3:37:12 PM

Bastid wrote:
Drugs, Sex, or Violence. All big time cash earners + the additional bonus of increasing your street cred. Sheeet.
Posted 8/17/2006 4:28:02 PM
Dad wrote:
I would sell all but the dearest items and buy new when I got to my destination. The cost has to be about the same and you get all new stuff when you settle in. And in some cases, a furnished Apt. to start with and slowly buy new at your leisure. What a smokin idea!!!
Posted 8/17/2006 7:00:53 PM
VBOT wrote:
i have been told that dominatrix is a well paying position. think of the stress release as you beat those bastards into submission. you don't have to touch them with anything other than a stick or whip.
Posted 8/17/2006 8:47:49 PM
Mr. Space wrote:
Dollface and her friends on the cheerleading squad are faced with a problem. She doesn't have any money to make it to Portland. She and her girl friends try to figure out ways to make a little extra cash... on the side! One of them works in a library, another in a candle shop, and Dollface herself works in a clothing store for Mr. Greenfield (R. Bolla). While doing their odd jobs they realize that they can make more money by doing sexual favours for their bosses. Dollface makes enough money when "Mr. Greenfield scores a field goal and Dollface makes a touchdown".....Oh wait, that's Debbie Does Dallas.

Yeah, moving sale definitely. Dressers, desks, kitchen chairs, even dishes, etc can all be replaced. Perhaps things you don't immediately need like books, cds, can be kept with friends/family and slowly mailed to you and/or taken with you each time you visit.
Posted 8/17/2006 10:17:48 PM
Doll wrote:
We tried a moving sale and unless you have a yard that you own, you have to get a permit and getting a permit proved confusing. We tried to sell a few boxes worth of books and come to find out, none of the used book stores wanted our selection. Most of them were donated to the library. We've sold a bunch of CD's but that only makes a few bucks. I've gotten rid of about three garbage bags worth or stuff. We're leaving our couch, papasan chair, reading chair, and one of night stands, the rest has to come with us. It's either furniture that's been in the family or furniture we've invested a few grand in. I don't understand why you all say to sell everything, like dishes and dresser and stuff, only to buy new once we get there? First off our stuff wouldn't fetch much $$ and it would be more $$$ to buy new so the loss of cash in the sell and repurchase would be in the moving fee anyways. And moving into a furnished apartment? Totally gross. Do you know that people shed bazillions of skin cells and hair everyday and that urine is a component of sweat and that you carry feces around in your shoes and clothes just from visiting public restrooms? Used furniture is icky. And I am so not getting into a Dominatrix outfit to smack around pathetic men ... ugh. And the cost of mailing books and cd's through the post office would be expensive. This is why some kind of extra job seems like the best idea. I don't know...
Posted 8/18/2006 8:22:00 AM
Mr. Space wrote:
The idea, I (we) thought, was to avoid the rather large upfront expense of the move. Over the long term, yes you will shell out more money to replace things. But no one says you have to replace them immediately. The idea is to spend that money over a period of time rather than pay a lot today to move it all. Replacing things is fun anyway. IKEA!!
Posted 8/20/2006 4:35:20 PM
Doll wrote:
No thanks. My home furnishings are of quality and over the years I've invested a lot of money in them and a lot of time and energy in finding the right things. Many of which are irreplacable. Some stuff goes, yeah, but the majority stays. Ikea is crap, I'm not 20 years old anymore, I like things that are actually unique and you know, sturdy. Thanks for the advice but I suppose I'll figure this out on my own.
Posted 8/20/2006 9:09:57 PM

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