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Loving the fleshless.   —   Horror Movies

Last weekend was a wonderfully lazy and relaxing one, which, following last week's hectic non-stop schedule and intense lower back pain, was much needed. Friday night Adam and I watched Hellraiser III which to our surprise starred Terry Farrell, Jadzia Dax from Deep Space Nine. Unlike other certain someone's on DS9, Jadzia was one of my favorite characters so it was interesting to see Terry Farrell in something other than her role on Star Trek. It was terribly apparent however that her acting skills during Hellraiser III had not yet fully developed. Though I was quite fond of her wardrobe.

The Hellraiser movies are our new horror series, having exhausted the Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween series of movies. I was hesitant at first with Hellraiser but after watching the first one, which was really excellent, I decided to continue watching the sequels even though their reputation in later editions is somewhat well, crappy. Adam and I are both excited for Hellraiser 4, dubbed Hellraiser in Space, mostly because we're huge fans of Jason X - Jason in Space which, if you haven't seen already, do yourself a favor and rent it tonight. Oddly enough though, with the Hellraiser movies, I have to really be in the mood to watch them. They are Super Gory. I'm not squeamish or anything it's just, wow. They have that special effect of ripping people's flesh off and leaving them skinless, down to an art.

Right now I'm working on a post where I review every movie Chris and I have watched during our year-long Horror Movie Night's. It's going to be a rather lengthy post and I'm assuming that save for one or two of you out there, no one will care all too much about it. But, it's just something that must be done. For the sake of all horror fans everywhere. 40+ horror movies just can't be ignored. Stay Tuned!

Posted 8.22.2006 11:28:38 AM

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