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A new way to say fuck off.   —   The Social Experience

My Former Best Girlfriend just moved out of her sister's apartment in DC and into her girlfriend's apartment in California. Monday morning I went to the post office to pickup a package they couldn't fit in my mailbox. When I get the package I look at the return address and it's from my F.B.G.'s sister. Curious. I open the package only to discover my old yearbook from freshman year of high school. Now, what my F.B.G. was doing with my yearbook in the first place is hard to say. We did live together for a period of time and many of my belongings ended up with her and vice versa. Why she chose to return my yearbook instead of my writing desk, small tv, or artwork, is a mystery. But the package didn't even come with a note. Hell, it didn't even come from the F.B.G. herself. When I saw what it was, and that it was from her sister, and that it didn't come with a note, I felt like I had just been kicked in the groin. For some reason it feels like more of a brush off than my F.B.G. not calling me for a year. More of a brush off than discovering she's moving to California via an postcard invitation to her going away party. It's more offensive this way, for sure. A nice good-natured way to say 'fuck off' without getting your hands dirty. Maybe I should have my sister send her an empty box.

Posted 10.5.2006 2:15:32 PM

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