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How to lure me at 4:30AM.   —   Cats!

Last night I awoke from a fitful dream that was full of mournful meows to, well, mournful meows. Suddenly fully awake I sat straight up in bed and took attendance. One gray cat, one black & white cat. All accounted for. I listened closer and realized the meow was coming from outside. The day had been balmy and the night had been luke warm so the windows were open to the cries in the New York night. I lay back down dismissing the meows for a stray cat singing its tune and tried to drift back to sleep. I was successful to a degree, but the cat keep meowing for up to an hour and I kept waking up bothered by something other than the noisy kitty. Somewhere between awake and asleep it dawned on me what it was. The cry of that cat wasn't the cry of a stray. It was the cry of an indoor cat, outside, wanting back in.

I was very familiar with this sound back in my childhood years. We had a cat that loved to give us the slip now and again when we'd open the front door to step outside or to sign for a package. She'd take off running at full speed headed straight for the woods or the swamp or the cornfield that surrounded our house. The first few times she did this I would become hysterical and the whole family (minus my cold-hearted father of course) would set out on a search mission to recover our kitty-gone-wild. But after never finding her and her always returning in the middle of the night, her little Houdini episodes became less terrifying. I would just leave my bedroom window open and she would reappear in the middle of the night on the front porch mournfully meowing into the cold night air until she was let inside again. What I heard last night was that meow. That, "let me in" meow. From the sound of it the cat outside was on our front porch. I decided to sneak downstairs to see if I recognized the noisy offender, as practically everyone in our building has cats, many of which I would recognize on sight.

So I grabbed a set of keys and tiptoed out the door and down the stairs. Once outside the meowing had of course ceased, and there was no cat in sight. As I looked up and down the empty street and sidewalk, seeing not a soul in sight, it occurred to me that it would indeed be a clever way to lure a woman outside in the middle of the night. Capture a cat, make it meow for half the night, and when a lone woman appears in her robe with a stitched and concerned brow, that's when you make your move. She'd be gone without anyone being the wiser.

I returned to bed and heard no further cries from the mystery cat for the rest of the night. I returned to my fitful dream, my felines returned to their sprawled out positions, and my husband never moved a muscle.

Posted 10.5.2006 3:18:23 PM

Dad wrote:
Remember who held "the bag" for your "cold hearted ol' dad".
Posted 10/5/2006 9:08:49 PM
Mr. Space wrote:
Off topic and perhaps confusing to the future reader, but your sidebar says you're listening to Beck's The Information. The picture is the cover from BarnesAndNoble.com. But the cover is a DIY thingy with stickers. So, is that cover that B&N created? The cover on cduniverse.com is different and Amazon's too. As is the one on Beck's MySpace page.
Posted 10/9/2006 10:37:57 PM
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