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Because it's ooey and it's gooey.   —   Personal

I haven't been much in a blogging mood of late so if I lost my faithful two readers to some other blog that puts out more, I understand. I'm used to talking to myself anyways, it's what happens when you have cats and a husband that stares at your boobs while you talk.

A lot has both happened and not happened in these past few weeks and I've been equally excited about both. The most fun thing in my humble little life right now, of which you can undoubtedly gage my geekiness, is a recliner chair I purchased from Craigslist last week. After selflessly handing over the small bookcase in my office to my husband for his overflowing army of Transformers, I had a little space to fill. I've been wanting a good reading chair with excellent lighting for quite some time now so I decided to finally make that reader's fantasy of mine a reality. I bought a comfy recliner and a great three-way floor lamp, set up my reading space and did some minor redecorating. The end result is my own little reading paradise. It's quite lovely and so far I've successfully logged many hours of Stephen King's 'Bag of Bones'. The cats seem to love it as well, sleeping on it, playing under it, I'm convinced that I'm going to decapitate one of them sometime soon with the metal reclining mechanism. I guess we'll all just learn the hard way.

In other news, I joined a gym. It's horrifying I know, and there's hardly another place I can think of where I feel more out of place. But I've got eight months until we move to Portland and I need to use that time to get into the best physical shape of my life. For peace of mind mostly but also for the more obvious reasons of fitting into my old jeans. The stress of moving to a new place away from friends and comfort zones will be great enough without any additional "I hate myself" negativity. That and I'm planning to be a nudest soon and I've go to look gooood.

I started drinking coffee again and I love it love it love it. I'm glad I quit for a year, proved to myself that I was able to, but I'm glad it's back in my life. Yay coffee!

A new goal for October: limit the amount of times you start your sentences with "I". Make conversations interesting with talk of philosophy, politics, social economics, cannibalism! Inquire about your friends and loved ones, not just polite and seemingly obligatory, "how are you?", but more detailed inquiries like, "what albums are you listening to lately?", "what book are you reading?", "do you like pie?", these conversation starters may lead into some interesting discussions! So, stop talking about yourself and start talking about something other people care about! Like cheese! Of course you won't see any of that around here though because if this site isn't about me then, well, I'd be at a serious loss for words. But maybe that wouldn't be so bad either. And no, I do not like pie.

Posted 10.11.2006 12:02:24 PM

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