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Working out is hard. After two days of it I already hurt from the palms of my hands down to the heels of my feet. I know (or at least assume), it will get easier, and I look forward to that but for now, it's tough stuff. Friday was our first day. We wanted to go at a time when we thought it wouldn't be crowded. Less people to watch us fumble our way through machines we didn't know how to use, watching us as we look confused and weak. So we went at 10PM (our Y is open 24 hours) and even though there was hardly anyone there it was still rather uncomfortable working out in front of strangers. At any rate, we start off with some time on the treadmill and then head to the machines to do some building and toning. I'm enjoying myself so far, I guess, but the suckiest thing would have to be the moment I step off the treadmill. I really just didn't see it coming, the dizziness, the disorientation, the feeling like I'm going to faint. It's happened both times and I'm dreading it happening again. I'm not pushing myself too hard, I know I'm not, and I do 10 minutes of cool down (fast paced walk into slow paced walk into stop) so what's the deal? Adam says he's experiencing a bit of it too so I'm glad it's not just me but it doesn't make it any less discouraging. For the first two weeks we'll be going every other day, giving our bodies a day in between to rest, and after those two weeks of "training" I imagine we'll be kicking it up a bit. Next month I'll probably throw in some Yoga classes just to make things interesting. Here's to a smokin' hot bod.

Posted 10.16.2006 10:35:19 AM

bastid wrote:
One of the funniest faces John ever made happened the first time I took him to the gym. Our plan was 5 mins on the cross-trainer as a warm up, then onto to a back/bicep workout. We did the 5mins, then walked over to the back machine. John skin turned this sickly gray/green, he looks up at me with both repulsion and sadness and says, "I don't like this, I want to go home."

I didn't let him go home. He's been going to the gym with or without me 3 days a week for the last 7 years.

That dizziness will pass. It's just your body telling you to go fuck yourself, and that it no longer likes you.
Posted 10/16/2006 11:18:21 AM
Mr. Space wrote:
I always thought the vertigo was from your body being disoriented from walking/running in place. Then when you start to actually move through space on the regular ground, your body goes, "Whoa! Why isn't the ground moving?!" I also feel this when getting off a moving walkway at an airport/train station. My brain takes a second to adjust.
Posted 10/20/2006 2:01:39 PM - Mr. Space's website
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