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Kind of like a zombie but without the face rot.   —   Macabre Mind

Since Tuesday mid-afternoon I've been in a stuffy head, sore throat, coughing, hacking, half awake, half asleep, hell. Of those estimated 60 hours I've been awake for probably 10 of them. Even when awake my motor functions and mental capabilities were that of a 4 year old high on weed. I'm feeling better today, coherent enough to form sentences and dress myself at least, which is a step in the right direction. Now if I can keep myself from coughing up my spleen I'll be in pretty good shape come Monday. Until then be sure to watch a good horror movie in honor of the weekend before Halloween. Lock your doors kiddies, Jason is on the prowl.

Posted 10.27.2006 12:39:20 PM

organgrinder wrote:
Maybe you'll want to cough up your spleen. . . it goes along with your wieght loss program pretty well and what do you need a spleen for anyway?
Posted 10/31/2006 2:06:11 PM
Isabel wrote:
Completely over-rated. Ya, you know your spleen removed (or coughed up) could mean a good 5 pounds lighter. You could probably sell it for a pretty penny too!
Posted 11/2/2006 11:09:18 PM
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Happy Halloween!
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