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Vibrations   —   Personal

The autumn and winter months are finally upon us and I find myself both embracing the welcomed change and frowning at the anticipation of bone chilling cold. It's always nice in the beginning, when the sky seems clear and crisp and the air void of its usual weight and odor. The trees begin to rustle and rattle with the slow sound of dying leaves and the wind urges you on a little quicker. I enjoy the darkness greeting me in the early evening as I leave work and head for home. As if the night could wait for no one, the lights of the city glow warmly, the steam from the streets appear in puffs of white and gray. I find it all quite welcoming and it makes me long to be with my husband or curled up with a good book and a cup of coffee. But this time of year is also the hardest when you're already feeling blue. The inevitable buzzing of the alarm clock drags my brow into a deeper disapproving furrow as I push myself forward in an effort to get through one more day at the soul-sucking office. The added weight of my heavy wool coat makes carrying packages all the more cumbersome and unpleasant leaving me sore and tired and worn. Abandoning the warmth and comfortable environment of my home to venture outside to battle the wind and cold like some fragile heroine on an impossible quest. It all makes me feel like Artax, falling victim to the Swamps of Sadness. All I can do is sink and look frightened and submit. Does anyone have a Auryn amulet to keep me from sinking?

Posted 11.3.2006 11:46:54 AM

organgrinder wrote:
No but I've got a spare luckdragon I can lend you try curling up with him
Posted 11/6/2006 2:51:44 PM
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