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Sweaty little secrets.   —   Health - Exercise

As of today it's been exactly one month since I started exercising at the YMCA. It's been a rather slow start so far, going every other day for the first week and then getting hit with a nasty chest cold the second week and then slowly reintroducing myself into exercising again with ever other day for the third week. Now in the fourth week I think I'm finally at a good pace. I try to go every day, with the exception of early evening social plans or one day ailments (hang over, back pains etc.) and though I don't have the endurance that I'd thought I'd have at this point, I'm definitely enjoying the experience of exercising and the invigorating feeling after a solid hour at the gym. Greenpoint is a pretty small neighborhood with really one main strip of shops and restaurants so I find that I'm seeing the people I see in the gym, on the streets. It's a little strange spotting those people in their regular clothes looking normal and doing errands, and I think to myself, I know what you look like when you're sweaty and tired. I know that you flirt with the trainer who works nights, and you smell like a wet dog when you sweat. I know that you stare at me when I'm lifting weights, and that you quietly sing to yourself. These people are strangers yet I know tiny little secrets about their vulnerable sweaty little moments and that makes me smile an evil little smile. What could be said about me? Probably that I laugh out loud when I watch Everybody Loves Raymond while I'm on the treadmill. Or that I can't really run at all and that I speed walk most of the time because I'm a wimp and get side pains. Or something about the way I walk. People love to talk about that for some reason. Or maybe it's that my Nike's are purple and silver and kind of sparkle. Maybe they think I'm from the future. Who knows. Can't be any worse than wearing my pajama's to the local donut shop on weekend mornings for my coffee. Not that I do that of course, because that would just be weird.

Posted 11.15.2006 12:35:49 PM

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