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Thank you, um, someone, for like, something... or whatever.   —   Holidays

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that has lost most of its original meaning and instead has been carried on year after year by marketing, production, and family guilt. I suppose the contemporary intent of Thanksgiving is to gather with family and give thanks to God or to each other for all that you have in life. Which really you probably should be doing more often than once a year if that message truly does mean something to you. Originally, as most of us already know but here's a little reminder anyhow, Thanksgiving was created by the pilgrims as a celebration and a giving of thanks to the Native Americans who had taught them how to grow food and hunt so they wouldn't starve through the winters. The first successful harvest that came out of those teachings prompted a thank you dinner which then spawned centuries of tradition whereas people gather with their friends and family to give thanks to God for the food that they have harvested from the grocery store. I know a lot of families out there, probably to some degree or another, still recognize that original message, and Thanksgiving is maybe more of a religious one in those such cases. I don't personally know any of those families and have never celebrated Thanksgiving with that in mind. Mostly Thanksgiving consists of family obligation, lots of food prepared by a frantic mother, tons of alcohol, football, lazy men, gossip, overeating, and someone being stuck with the dishes. At no point in the evening do we give thanks to God or to the Natives. Nor do we take stock of our harvest with jovial cheers and pats on the back for a job well done. I suppose we're all thankful that we've been successful with making money enough to buy food, and heat the house, and travel to relatives. I guess in that regard we should be celebrating Thanksgiving as a thanks for the money. Which personally I do not need a one day a year holiday for, I am thankful for that fact every time I need to pay for something. So maybe we should be throwing these dinner parties for our employers? I didn't think so.

And in a "who cares what it means let's eat free food" spirit, our Thanksgiving was a fine one. We traveled to the In-Law's in Pennsylvania and gorged ourselves on food and drink and then headed back to New York fat and drunk. It was distinguishable in no way from the previous years except that I conducted a spelling bee with a five year old and stumped her with words like "pillow". When I gave her words to spell like "cat" she whispered a satisfied "yessss" to herself while making a fist and pumping her elbow backward in a "score!" fashion. Her mother looked like a young Elisabeth Shue and was the guest of my sister-in-law's husband's brother who is an ex minister. Taking on a hot young single mother of a five year old is indeed God's work. Indeed.
The rest of our extended weekend was occupied by chores, errands, lots of Buffy watching, cat cuddling, a handful of movies, one social excursion, two hangovers, and lots of sleeping in. It's a rough life for the Alexander's but somebody's got to do it. Thank you indians.

Posted 11.27.2006 1:16:38 PM

Dad wrote:
My darling, when you thank those Indians, look in the mirror and say thankyou, because you are one. Me too!!
Posted 11/29/2006 8:37:31 AM
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