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On bras and malls.   —   Personal

Saturday's 72 degree weather was wonderful if not a little disorienting. One would assume that we'd have taken advantage of such a beautiful day by spending it outside in some fashion or another, but we'd been planning this shopping trip for ages and the nice weather seemed only a bonus for a pleasant commute. I know you're just a-buzz with curiosity wondering what kind of shopping could possibly reign dominance over 72 degree weather in January and I'll tell you what... bras. And here we tread on to the TMI part of the post.

Bras and I do not have a good relationship. Straps fall, cups ride up, nipples slip out. I'm at battle with my bra every day and the sooner it comes off after I come home from work, the better. I've tried different brands, different styles, but the end result always seems the same. Bras suck. About six months ago Adam offered to take me shopping for some new bras, ones that would hopefully be better than the ones I usually buy at Target. I've procrastinated this shopping trip for as long as possible, dreading a forecasted day of frustration and hours of shopping all which result in settling for imperfection in lack of finding anything better, and spending way too much money in the process. But finally I could wait no more and the dreaded day was scheduled. Adam recommended going to JC Penny's out in Queens to start. Thinking this would just be a brief and disappointing beginning before the arduous and disappointing spree at Victoria's Secret I all but lead him through the entire store searching for the toy section before he promptly marched me back to the first floor where we'd passed the bra section fifteen minutes prior. He left me there, to my own devices, and I wandered the sea of bras for five minutes seeing no difference between one or the other. Finally after gaining some focus I picked a rack (no pun intended) and started to browse. Suddenly I could see it all so clearly. This one has extra lift, and this one has no wires, and this one is seamless, and this one is so soft, and this one has pretty lace. Thirty minutes later I'm standing in line to try on thirteen bras and ten minutes after that I'm wandering the floor, dumbstruck, with thirteen bras in my hand and searching for my husband. They all fit, every one of them fit and every one of them was awesome. I manage to put back five of them that were similar or less fabulous than some of the others but in the end we end up buying eight bras. Most of which were on sale. And better than all of that, we were done bra shopping, for like, years.

Since JC Penny's was inside a mall we decided that it would be novel to walk around said mall. To be, you know, mall shoppers. We both hadn't been in a mall in years and I for one (and the only one for that matter) was excited at the prospect of walking around the mall. So many stores! All inside! The madness! So we began our tour stopping into a shop every so often and eventually making our way down to the food court. Wow. A food court! So many restaurants! All inside! Ew, what's that smell? The novelty of the mall ran out a lot sooner than I thought it would and suddenly we couldn't find the exit fast enough. We walked a few blocks to Target where we were to look for 1.) new Transformers 2.) an alarm clock. First we needed lunch before Mr. Grumpy Pants got any grumpier so we curiously made the decision to eat at Outback Steak House inside the smaller mall that housed the Target. I was trepidatious about our restaurant choice until we walked inside. Pleasant lighting, heavy dark wood, no weird smells, clean, friendly, quiet. Score! We were seated, ordered drinks with tequila in them, snacked on salad and bread, and proceeded to have a wonderful lunch. I'm going to stop the shopping post right there because what is to follow is hours of Target follies which include arriving at the Transformer aisle and there being literally NO transformers anywhere in sight. Just a sea of empty racks below Transformer name tags which mock us cruelly. That follows by buying the wrong alarm clock which is only realized on the subway ride home. That prompts an unwise decision to stay on course to the Target in Brooklyn, instead of going home, to check for Transformers and to exchange the alarm clock. The journey that follows is rife with poor commuting judgment calls, wrong trains, many transfers, construction, waiting, and a very long walk. The next Target also mocked us with empty shelves that once housed up to a hundred Transformers and all was to be lost if not for the fact that they thankfully had the alarm clock we wanted in stock. We arrived home close to 10PM, my feet moments away from exploding in a bloody protest, and it is from there that we spent most of the night at a loss for how to complete our evening. Being too late and too tired for most of anything we retreated to separate ends of the apartment where he played his DS in the bedroom and I suffered through the first half of the first season of "Friends" in the living room. Important note: mind altering substances make the first season of "Friends" more tolerable.

Sunday was a very short day. We slept until Noon and after eating Cinnamon buns while watching a Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, I promptly went back to bed for two more hours. The day rounded itself out with making cookies and watching the first Superman movie so all was not lost. Christopher Reeve as the Man of Steel was totally hot.

Posted 1.8.2007 1:07:12 PM

Dad wrote:
I remember when you went from t-shirts to bra's, that was a bad time too, no way were you to give up those tee's. Look at you now, a beautiful young woman and still more comfortable in a t-shirt. "Nothing ever changes when it stays the same"
Posted 1/8/2007 10:24:09 PM
Doll wrote:
Ummm ... thanks dad for that little tid-bit of information.
Posted 1/9/2007 12:21:08 PM
Botch wrote:
I like happy ladies!
Posted 1/9/2007 7:01:34 PM - Botch's website
Mr. Space wrote:
Woulda Shoulda called the Target in Brooklyn first to see if they had Transformers. How low tech of you. Buncha luddites!
Posted 1/9/2007 9:28:02 PM - Mr. Space's website
Doll wrote:
We had to go there anyways seeing as we grabbed the wrong alarm clock at the Target in Queens. We grabbed the wrong one because they were out of the right one and we mistook them for one and the same. Don't you see? We'll always be smarter than you.
Posted 1/9/2007 10:47:47 PM
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