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The Amazing Mutated Spine trick!   —   Personal

I'll be in Philadelphia this weekend spending some time with a friend who I rarely get to spend time with anymore, so it'll be a treat. Time was, that said friend came to NYC for weekend-long visits, and there would be days filled with tequila, smoke, video games, bickering, bad movies, and seeing each other in our underwear. (Not in that sexy way.) Now he works weekends, has a girlfriend to keep him busy, and you know, like, has a life. The bastard. So now it's my turn to barge in for the weekend, drink his booze, smoke his smoke, and have sex on his couch. Oh wait, I'd need Adam for that. Damn. Maybe next time. Because I do owe him one. Or was it two? Either way, looking forward to some time out of the city.

In other news, the results of my spinal X-rays revealed my fifth lumbar vertebrae and first sacrum bone are fused together in an eternal lovers embrace. Apparently you're born with that kind of thing and it's a fairly common abnormality but it could be the source of my discomfort. Next week I'll be tracking down a specialist for a more educated opinion. Hurrah!

And now three quick movie reviews before I begin my weekend.
The Illusionist: A fun little movie filled with beautiful cinematography, solid performances, mystery, intrigue, and most importantly lots of (yummy) Edward Norton. Paul Giamatti balanced his acting chops perfectly between portraying a character whom you loath and one who has redeeming enough qualities to allow some measure of respect and perhaps even a bit of fondness. Jessica Biel was her usual luscious self and she acted alright too. The plot of the movie tries hard to be, as the title implies, an illusion, but in fact it's rather transparent and each scene played out exactly as I anticipated. Despite its predictability the script, performances, costumes, visuals, and absolute compelling nature of Edward Norton's character and performance, made this movie a nice little gem.
MirrorMask: Visually stunning and immensely creative this film is worth your 104 minutes, period. The plot is nothing profound but is acceptable. The performances are charming as are the British accents. This film pays homage to childhood film favorites like The Neverending Story, and Labyrinth, but with a bit of a darker feel. It's a must see.
Sideways: This was my second viewing of the 2004 movie Sideways and I enjoyed it just as much the second time around as I did the first. An absolutely full and round movie, this film is tight with script, performances, plot, and character. It's clever without making a point of its cleverness. It's charming while almost striving to be the very opposite. This film works on so many levels, it's a real joy to watch.

Now, you go and have yourself a fun weekend. And don't forget to feed the cats.

Posted 2.9.2007 5:27:12 PM

OG wrote:
All I will say to that is BRING IT pay me back as much as you like I'll be hiding the video camera tonight for the next visit
Posted 2/13/2007 6:00:15 PM
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