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A message about The Messengers   —   Horror Movies

This recently released horror movie bombed with the majority of its reviewers so my expectations were set extremely low. That little fact is important because as it turns out, I rather enjoyed this movie. For one, it scared the shit out of me. For two, I really like the actress (Kristen Stewart) who is the central character of the story. And for three, I was surprised to see dreamy John Corbett (Northern Exposure's poetic idealist disc jockey, but also known from Sex and the City as Carrie Bradshaw's one time fiancé, Aidan) show up on the big screen and watching him in any capacity (changing a tire for instance) is always a pleasure. None of those are particularly compelling reasons for anyone but myself to watch this movie. But like I said, it scared the shit out of me.

Sure I watch lot of horror movies but it's infrequent that I am actually frightened by one. Mostly I take whatever horror movie I'm watching and I ask myself what I would do if I were in that situation. The majority of the time the attacker is a physical being that you can fight back, and that's exactly what I do in my head, I develop a strategy that in the end, leaves me the last one standing. But that method doesn't apply when the attacker is a supernatural element that cannot be physically harmed. You are then at the mercy of something very much out of your control and it's usually taking place in your very own home. Your home, which is supposed to be your safe haven from the cruel elements of the world. Those are the kind of movies that really give me a good scare. And this movie had plenty of it. Ghosts, poltergeist, crazy animals, and what was almost some kind of zombie-like creatures. What made this movie fail in the end was its very bad script, cheesy music, and, well, the ending. I won't give it away for consideration of any potential movie viewers out there but I will say that the end wasn't what I was expecting and that isn't necessarily a good thing. In conclusion, a fun and frightening horror flick to watch in the dark.

Posted 2.21.2007 12:32:49 PM

Botch wrote:
My next movie will be a feature-length shockumentary about slowly feeding dreamy John Corbett into a wood-chipper.
Posted 2/21/2007 2:30:56 PM - Botch's website
Doll wrote:
Posted 2/21/2007 5:09:56 PM
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