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Distractions   —   Personal

Last week I told my boss my plans of Portland. She was extremely supportive, offering tips on owning your own business (apparently she and her husband have a few), and offering sage life advice which was reassuring to hear. My last day of work is May 11th. It can't come soon enough.

Also last week my husband and I checked out a few bands down at the Bowery Ballroom. The opening act I'd seen before, years before, and although I've been a mediocre fan of theirs for a long time seeing them live last week ... well they blew me away. Check out Secret Chiefs 3 for an interesting musical experience. The headliner band was a band that I'd never seen live but have listened to all of their albums which have never disappointed. Seeing them live was a whole new ball game though, they were amazing and insane and if I hadn't had been so dead on my feet tired and completely drunk, I would have enjoyed them a whole lot more. Check out Sleepytime Gorilla Museum for some crazy ass shit. Note to Bastid: The lead singer for SGM really made me think of you, check out their MP3's, I think they'd be a band you might dig.

I finished The Haunting of Hill House on Friday. Great book. It's not as scary as it is wrought with tension, and the way Hill House becomes one of the major characters in the book is just brilliant. Currently I'm gorging myself on comic books. Reviews to come.

I watched The Holiday over the weekend. Complete chick flick with absolutely no redeeming qualities and entirely too long. Strangely I found Cameron Diaz to look unfortunately haggard. It could be because she was standing next to Jude Law for the entire movie and for a woman to stand out next to such a perfect specimen she has to really be something special. Diaz just looked aged and tired and her smile that once seemed so charming seemed garish instead. It was terribly distracting. I also watched Dracula, starring Frank Langella. The movie itself was not great but the cinematography was stunning. Frank Langella makes for a good Dracula but he's sporting some pretty big hair for the entire movie which lowers his Evil credibility.

Don't let the clowns eat your while you sleep.

Posted 3.19.2007 10:59:33 AM

the wickerman wrote:
I had the pleasure of seeing the Secret Chiefs 3 in LA last Friday with Doctor Psyclops' very own Henchman #2. He was in town for business and we met for the show. I think he enjoyed it and understood where Psyclops was coming from. I saw the SC3 back in June or July of 06 at The Stone. It was composed of the usual members, but being such a small place I was literally sitting right behind Trey. Amazing guitar player up close. They played more traditional fare than rock stuff. Very cool.
Posted 3/28/2007 12:28:25 PM
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