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Friend or abstract picture element?   —   Cats!

Tsunami was laying on my lap this morning as I was sitting in front of the mirror getting ready for work. He was on a roll with the loud purring when suddenly the sound of his purr hit my ear in such a way and instantly I was ten years old again and sitting in the basement of our house playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons with my sister on Intellivision. Tsunami's purr sounded exactly like the dragon that you had to battle at the center of each maze. No matter where you where in the maze you could still hear the dragon's roar (do dragon's roar?) and now I'm convinced that my cat is the reincarnated pixelated dragon and he's come back to beat me once and for all!

Either that or Tsunami has asthma which makes his purr sound very crackly. That might be it. But until I know for sure my trusty bow and arrows are going to bed with me and I'm sleeping with one eye open. I won't be eaten by that damned pixelated dragon again, no sir.

Posted 4.3.2007 2:10:26 PM

Dad wrote:
You better put your helmet on too, least you forget "Tanks". But no crying if you get blown up...............sneaky ain't I.
Posted 4/3/2007 5:03:54 PM
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