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It looks as though I will be going out of NYC much the way I came in. Intoxicated and tired for weeks on end until I'm confused and stupid and finally just collapse. Every day from April 26th - May 14th I have a social event to attend. From live bands to dinners & drinks, from a book reading to a baby shower, from a wedding to going away parties, the list just doesn't seem to end. I'm not complaining. I've created this beast of a schedule and I look forward to the insanity that will surely overcome me by day seven. But, it's the last of NY, the last of many things in fact, and I plan to ride it out howling at the moon.

This weekend is Atlantic City with the women in Adam's family. Here's to hoping no one gets strangled.

Posted 4.27.2007 1:21:59 PM

Atlantic City
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