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Main Entry: Blarg
Pronunciation: 'blärg
Function: interjection
Etymology: Heatherism
--used to indicate the sound of discontent or to express feelings of blarginess.

I haven't given much thought to blogging these days. There's just so much happening all at once that to even think about blogging makes my brain want to die. So here I am, ignoring the death moans of my head, to tell you all that I'm on a blog break. A blog sabbatical. That in fact I've got a wicked case of blog blarg. But not to worry, after all of the packing and moving and unpacking, after my laptop is fixed and my Tsunami is no longer having bladder issues, after the dust settles and my head clears and the worry and the stress lessen, I'll be back to blogging with a ferociousness only otherwise seen in television shows like "When Animals Attack!", or, you know, in the actual wild. So in the meantime, read a good book or something. And no, Playboy articles do not count. Ciao!

Posted 5.20.2007 1:38:39 AM

The Last Transmission.
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