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The Last Transmission.   —   Personal

Tonight is the last night before boarding a plane for Portland tomorrow. The movers arrived this afternoon and took all of our belongings into a void of transaction-hood and we're left with an empty apartment and two very freaked out cats. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow and I'm almost into a state of denial I'd say. I feel as though my fingers are in my ears and I'm singing LA LA LA LA LA and will continue to do so until I travel 3,ooo miles to the west.

I got my nose pierced yesterday. It fucking hurt. Don't let anyone tell you different. Did you know it takes a YEAR to heal? I didn't. Not until after they put a hole in my nose and a pretty sparkly dot through it. Just what I needed to make this move even MORE fun. I must be insane.

Posted 5.31.2007 3:47:46 AM

E wrote:
Did you ever decide on what the new blog name is going to be? The New York skyline up above is officially mocking me now that you're gone!
Posted 6/1/2007 7:07:32 PM - E's website
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