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Portland, Oregon. We've been here for almost a week and I'm still trying to divide my pre-move perceptions of Portland and my post-move reality of Portland. The two seem so closely intertwined I'm wondering if there's any difference at all. I don't quite feel as though I belong here yet, I still carry the badge of New York City on my vest and it weighs a ton, to be sure. The people here are ridiculously nice and I often find myself in an awkward limbo of a response. I'd like to think that I'm generally always courteous but rarely do I ever feel just plain ol friendly. I don't enjoy small talk nor am I skilled at displaying emotion toward strangers. It's proving to be a delicate balance.

Portland is gorgeous. The abundance of trees and flowers give the eyes a constant treat, the air is clean and fresh, the sidewalks are free of garbage. The grass is greener on this side of the fence, literally. The weather so far has been quite strange for us East Coasters. The first three days it was relentlessly sunny and in the high 80's, though the nights are cool. Yesterday and today however have been something like this: gray and chilly, light rain, sunny, clear skies, light wind, very warm, heavy rain while still sunny, heavy clouds, no wind, chilly, drizzle, sunny, no rain, warm … you get the idea. It's like Etch-a-sketch weather, draw, shake, start again.

Our new apartment is LARGE. There are rooms I don't even go into every day. We bought a new couch a few days ago and then decided that we needed another one. So now we own a lovely honey tan soft corduroy couch with dark wood trim, and a vintage 1970's yellow green velour sofa. Since we don't have any other furniture just yet the two couches are situated right next to one another, and boy what a pair they make. There are a number of vintage and retro second-hand décor shops in our neighborhood and the fantasy that Adam and I've shared of having a house that is completely decorated in 70's style just might become a reality.

Adam and I live in Portland's Hawthorne District. It's apparently "hip" or something. Within a ten to twenty-block radius of our apartment are numerous coffee houses, restaurants (Thai, Mexican, Fish & Chips, Sushi, Pizza, Chinese, Pub food, Italian, etc), vintage furniture and clothing stores, two small movie theaters, a comic book store, multiple book stores and music stores, two video rental stores, a large department/grocery store, pet stores, bars, live music venues, organic health food stores, tattoo parlors, and countless other places we haven't even discovered yet. The bus stop is half a block down and it's roughly a 10 to 15 minute ride into the downtown Portland area. Mount Tabor and its elaborate park is a twenty minute walk to the East, and another impressive park is a twenty minute walk to the North. And by "park" I don't just mean some grass and trees and park benches. We're talking woods. Hiking trails. Lions and tigers and bears. Oh my. But the best part of it all … the 7-11 a half a block down the street that's open 24/7. The perfect venue for any transitional New Yorker. Because buying Funyuns and a Slurpee at 2:AM shouldn't be a privilege, it should be a right.

Commodore & Tsunami are slowly realizing that even though their housing has changed, life is not going to end. More and more each day they spend less time sleeping in the closet, and more time sleeping outside of the closet. They've rediscovered the joy of open windows, the tops of kitchen cabinets, playing with a bug but not killing it (really Tsunami, WTF?), chasing a sparkly ball, eating catnip, and taking a nice big stinky shit (again Tsunami, WTF?). Once we finally get our furniture here I anticipate them to have a complete and full recovery.

Our furniture. Clothes. Kitchenware. All of our belongings. What was originally thought to be a 7-12 day transit is looking more like 20. That's right. We spoke to the delivery company a few days ago and they were still on the East Coast, in Maryland to be exact, with a scheduled pick-up back in New York. Apparently they're taking their sweet-ass time picking up as many deliveries as possible before they start their journey West. Our expected delivery date as of a few days ago is the 19th. I want to cry. I really do. It's a good thing we have so many distractions what with being in a new city and all, lest I go insane.

Well, all of you East Coast guys and dolls, that about wraps up our first week in Portland. We're still dealing with Jetlag and trying to be frugal, what with being unemployed and all, so forgive me if I can't regale you all with any bawdy stories just yet. However, stay tuned, a couple of New Yorkers in Portland, Oregon, who knows what can happen.

Posted 6.8.2007 12:12:14 AM

Dad wrote:
Home is where you hang your hat my darling, it's just that you don't know exactly where your hat is at the moment. Hang in there, good things are worth waiting for. Oregon road, Oregon State, two good things.
Posted 6/8/2007 7:15:07 AM
OG wrote:
glad to see you've made it to your west coast home and that the boyz survived and are coming around. I sent you guys a house warming something nothing big but I hope you enjoy it. don't worry about taking NYC with you it'll take a few days for that to wear off (its pretty thick armour) glad to hear there are trees and trails for you to explore can't wait to see for myself love and miss you both
Posted 6/8/2007 12:33:33 PM
Mom wrote:
so much happening your heads must be in a whirl! sounds like you landed in Adam & Heather heaven.....I'm so glad. can't wait to see new pix of your place after painting and furniture. sounds like you two will be active and busy and certainly never bored. can't wait to see your nice place, and both of you!! Luv you.
Posted 6/19/2007 10:19:41 AM
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