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Though our new apartment is beautiful it's in bad need of a paint job. It looks like it's been painted exactly once in its 50 years of life and there's about that many years of wear and grime and splatters of ... we're not exactly sure what. We asked the Management Company who is our liaison to the building owner if they would do us the service of painting our new digs. They politely declined saying the owner has no interest in painting the place. So then we asked if we could paint the place ourself, sure they say, but only white. We looked in to getting some professionals to do the job for us but after being mildly surprised at the price we foolishly decided to do it ourselves for half the cost. It was a grand mistake to be sure. Our apartment is 1200 sq feet. It's quite large and in charge and sitting here in paint covered overalls at the end of day two of painting and looking ahead to (at least!) three more days of the same, I'd almost pay double the cost of what we were originally quoted so long as I never had to pick up a paint brush again.

Adam says now we can never move out of this apartment. After three weeks of packing, a horribly long plane ride, nearly two weeks of sleeping on an air mattress, and now all this (painful, painful!) painting, not to mention the weeks ahead of us of unpacking (once we get our stuff that is...) I say it'll take a pack of wild horses to drag me from this place. But most of all, I just miss our bed.

Posted 6.11.2007 3:17:19 AM

Dad wrote:
Oregon road used to take a week of painting, half of which was done from an extention ladder. I know your pain my sweet. Condo, condo, condo! You will love it when your done.
Posted 6/11/2007 7:01:16 AM
Jen wrote:
It will be worth it when you are done. Plus, the sense of accomplishment is outstanding when you do ti yourself.
Posted 6/11/2007 10:50:09 AM
E wrote:
Did you learn NOTHING from my painting horror stories? Just feel lucky that it's white and you don't have to deal with doing the trim a different shade or color.
Posted 6/12/2007 9:18:48 AM - E's website
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