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Out of the shadows.   —   Portland

In the eight years I'd lived in New York I developed a walking lifestyle. I walked most everywhere I could, preferred it to alternatives like taking the bus or the subway, and in doing so developed not only a love for little walking adventures, but a skill for longevity and speed. I'd worried that in moving to Portland I wouldn't have as much of an opportunity to use walking as my main source of transportation. I can see now that I was foolish in my fretting. I almost feel as though I walk more in this location than I did in my New York one. It's the way this city is built, you see, out instead of up. And although the Portland bus system is expansive, I find that the Portland scenery is so compelling that walking seems ideal. And Portlanders, they really like NOT driving. In fact, the diner we went to for breakfast this morning had a little blurb on the front of the menu, in addition to telling us that the eggs were from cage-free hormone-free hens, it also suggested that we always recycle and to drive as infrequently as possible. I think I like it here.

Adam and I bought bicycles last week. We took the bus out to Target and then biked home. We've taken the bikes out for a few spins since then, when taking a break from painting mostly, and perhaps as a result from the long bike rides and frequent and long walks I noticed something odd the other day. When washing my face before bed I looked in the mirror and noticed my cheeks were a bit rosy. At first I was worried, thinking I was having an allergic reaction to a soap or paint fumes, then I thought maybe I was coming down with something and that I was maybe feverish and didn't realize it. Then it dawned on me, (of course!), it was the sun! This is what happens when tall buildings don't block out the sky. Portland is full of surprises.

Posted 6.12.2007 4:15:55 PM

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