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Cruisin'   —   Personal

Life is pretty damn good right now. It's like summer vacation in grade school. The weather is perfect, your senses are at their height and you hear every buzz of a bee, every whisper of the wind as it blows through the tall grass. You sleep in later than you should and stay up way past your bed time. Your diet consists of cereal and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Your best friend and you are at the peak of your friendship and it seems like nobody can do any wrong. Adventures seem plentiful and the list of things to do is endless. I suppose the reality of that feeling is a little less magical but the sentiment is there if only in perception.

Our apartment is working out well, though we still have a bit of unfinished business, like the kitchen that needs to be painted (hello thorn in my side), and some art that needs to be hung. But already it feels like home, even the sound of guitar lessons that drift through the open windows already seems familiar (there's a guitar lessons storefront in front of the house). We're still getting used to some things though, mostly the spiders. We kill one about once a day and we've even gone so far as to buy tissues for each room to make the termination fast so they don't get away. Apparently spiders live in nature. Who knew! The cats are no help when it comes to bugs in the house. Commodore quietly sits and watches a bug go about its business, the most I can make of it is that Commodore simply doesn't want to get his hands dirty, or he's a pacifist. And Tsunami will just play with the thing until he accidentally smooshes it or it just gets away. He'll eat a pound of cardboard if you let him but a measly bug just isn't on his menu.

I've taken some pictures of the apartment which I will post after Adam finishes taking pictures of his toys. It could be a while...

Posted 6.26.2007 5:47:34 PM

Mom wrote:
I guess if you just don't feed the cats they may be more interested in the bugs...........just a thought. Of course, the bugs probably aren't on Science diet. Otherwise, life is sounding pretty good out there. :-)
Posted 7/5/2007 6:22:56 PM
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