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Old Friend   —   The Social Experience

The good people over at Edios games decided to celebrate Lara Croft's 10th anniversary by taking the original Tomb Raider game and revamping it with gorgeous graphics, adding Lara's more evolved movements, and updating her weaponry. The result is a surprisingly difficult game, enjoyable but frustrating, bringing me back to the beginning of my tumultuous affair with Ms. Croft. It's a satisfying jaunt down memory lane to be sure, and it brought me back to a rather fond memory of an old friend and our late night quests to tame the rather unpredictable Lara Croft.

I miss that old friend, and topically I miss those late nights together, eating KFC (a Midwest staple much to the disgust of most respectable New Yorkers), and sitting close to one another on the couch, passing the controls off to whomever was the most skilled for a particular task (I was a horrible jumper in those early TR days). We'd scream and laugh at near missed jumps and fatal encounters with crocodiles and insane chimpanzees. Last week when I came to the level of St. Francis' Folly and then to the Coliseum, I had an almost tangible remembering of that old friend, how she smelled like vanilla and laughed like a very old part of my heart. I think Lara may miss her too. I'm still not a very good jumper.

Posted 8.12.2007 2:46:17 PM

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